Audio Visual Aids
Audio Visual Aids

Audio Visual Aids

Audio-visual aids


Among the different types of eating materials, the media, which helps to improve the teaching-learning process are called audio-visual aids. Audio-visual aids individually and lightly express the real world. This is the important characteristics of audio-visual teaching aids. It is clear that audio-visual aids are not certain to any specific subject or content area but can be properly utilized in all areas and can be completely engaged in different teaching methods. The function of teaching may be considered as a process of communication between teacher and the taught. These aids are also helpful in teaching English. Sometimes student’s interest is not developed better to make proper pictures of concept. Audio-visual aids help to relate the basic concept of actual reality. A model, picture or a sketch can make the concept clear and comprehensible.

Types of audio- visual aids

Audio-visual aids usually use in schools these are following:

  • Picture stories Pictures, drawing and charts
  • Real objects and models
  • Slides and film strips
  • Overhead projectors
  • Sound recordings and records
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Motion pictures
  • Flash cards
  • Purpose analysis
  • Language laboratories

Pictures, drawings and charts

Photography was first invented in the 19th century and great progress has been shown since then both quantitatively and qualitatively. Pictures can be called one of the basic and important audio-visual aids. Picture give the feeling of movement and students will be able to understand much just by looking at them

Drawings are also considered important means of recording expression and actively used in various aspects of life and education as well. The use of drawings and pictures has become wider. Like pictures drawings as teaching aids are used in different ways such as incorporating them in textbooks or other printed matters. Moreover it is easy for teachers and students to make drawings themselves.

Charts are also effective teaching materials. There are many types of charts, such as arrangement charts, system charts and organization charts etc. The main purpose of charts to showing information and content in a very simple and understandable way. It also helps the students to understand the content in much better way.

Real objects and models

Real objects are realistic in nature whereas models are different from real objects. Real objects are all about the actual environment for presentation when particularly required in teaching process. Real objects are superior to any other type of teaching aid due to its realistic nature. Therefor the use of these real objects is more effective in the learning process of students.

Unlike real objects models are materials artificially manufactured. It is necessary to make it clear that how models are related to real materials.

Pictures stories

Pictures stories are a common audio-visual aids used in teaching process. Pictures stories are designed to show audio-video description with dramatic and emotional impact through a lot of pictures. Pictures stories are drawn by artists and used by teachers. It creates a smoothly and friendly feelings among the students. Thus, students can learn and get information with great interest. Another best point of pictures stories is that everybody can use it any time and place. Also students can get pictures stories themselves.

Slides and film strips

Many types of slides are also used as helping aids in teaching and learning process. These can be scene by scene slides in which each slide slides is put into a separate frame in which a number of pictures are set on one frame or strip in serial order with or without sound. Slides helps students to focus their attention on the projected information.

Film strips are not scene by scene slides, but they are composed of a variety of pictures and drawings. It is impossible to watch filmstrips passively. Moreover filmstrips are easier to use then movies. They enable teachers and student to interlink while they are being projected.

Overhead projectors

Overhead projectors are used to project information and content from transparent plastic sheets onto a screen.  Projectors have a different educational functions. The projector can be placed some distance from the screen so that it can be operated easily. The teacher can take into consideration student expressions.

Records and sound recordings

Records and sound recordings both are commonly used in teaching language. Records can be played again and again. Important content and material can be saved permanently. Therefore it plays an important role in the use of audio-visual aids.

Sound recordings is not only about the reproduction of sound but also recording any sound. With the help of sound recording students and teachers can record and play back things whenever they needed. It is also possible to listen to one’s own voice through recording. This increase and helps the scope of their use in teaching learning activities.


         Due to its long and strong history and great value in education radio can play an important role in schools. However, the appearance of television has lessen the importance of radio. Yet it is a very reliable and important audio- visual aid.

Motion pictures

         The use of motion pictures to make the education system strong has also a long history. Before the second world war 16mm silent movies were mostly used in the postwar years sound  and color films 8mm movies became commonplace.


           Television can be used in all types of teaching materials and methods. Its importance is similar to movies and radio in various features. TV programs can be watched in a very healthy and sound atmosphere in daily life. On the television we can watch on going events with both sound and pictures. It can be used to show theatrical performances and movies  to analyze movements.

Flash cards

Flash cards are used mostly to teach the students or pupils the meaning and content of words by showing them the words or content on cards. This gives them a strong impression of the shape of the words. It is easy to combine the words shown on cards. Flash cards are also very easy to prepare and use. It also produce changes in the learning activities.

In short all these audio-visual aids are really very important in the teaching and learning process in every field of life. These are commonly used in our daily routine in the school or other learning activities. No doubt these materials make the whole system of learning more powerful and impressive.










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