Desi style dahi bhally
Desi style dahi bhally

Desi style dahi bhally

How to make Dahi Bhally in my desi style

Dahi barry or dahi bhally whatever you call it, I’ve the best and easiest recipe for Dahi bhally you can find it. 

Ingredients for bhally

  • Basin (gram flour) = 2cups
  • Zeera (cumin seeds) = 2tsp
  • Red chili flakes = 1tsp
  • Salt = 1tsp
  • Baking soda = 2pinches
  • Ajwain (carom seeds) = 2pinches

Ingredients for chat

  • Boiled Aloo (potato) = 2Kg
  • Boiled Chick peas = 2cups
  • Chopped tomatoes = 4 medium
  • Chopped green chilli = 7-8
  • Chopped onion = 4 medium
  • Mint leaves = half cup

Ingredients for green Chatni

  • Mint leaves = 1 cup
  • Coriander = half cup
  • Yogurt = 2kg
  • Green chilies = 5-6
  • Salt = 3tsp
  • Chat masala = 2tsp
  • Sugar = 2tbsp

Ingredients for khatti chatni

  • Imli (Tamarind) = half cup
  • Cumin seeds = 1tsp
  • Sugar = 2tbsp
  • Salt = half tbsp.
  • Red chili powder = half tsp

Now I ll tell you how to make tasty and delicious dahi bhally.

How to make Bhally

          Mix all the bhalla ingredients in a bowl. Add water gradually and make a thick better. For deep frying heat some oil in a pan, put small quantity in a pan and make small cute bhallas until brown. After frying soak them in a normal water for two minutes and add them in the mix chat.

How to make mix chat

        Cut the boiled potatoes in small cubes. Add chopped onion, tomatoes, green chilies and mint leaves. Add boiled chick peas and bhallas also. Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl.

How to make green chatni

        Take half cup yogurt add mint leaves, Coriander, salt, sugar and chat masala and blend it. Add this mixture into the whole yogurt and put it in the mix chat.


How to make khatti chatni

          Soak tamarind in a water for 1 hour spell the tamarind and blend its puree in some water. Add sugar, salt, cumin seeds, half cup water red chili powder and blend it well again for 2 minutes. You can add more chilies according to your taste.


Take a big bowl, put all mix chat, fried bhallas, green chatni and mix it well. Delicious spicy and tasty dahi bhally is ready dish it out garnish it with khatti chatni and chat masala. You can serve dahi bhally to 8 – 10 persons.

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