Development of curriculum in population education (Pakistan)
Development of curriculum in population education (Pakistan)

Development of curriculum in population education (Pakistan)

Development of curriculum in population education (Pakistan)



Almost all countries with national population education programs use the integration method. The following steps can be used to improve the human resource curriculum in conjunction with the curriculum and available textbooks.

Steps to improve the human education curriculum.

1) The development of human educational goals

Firstly, curriculum development must determine the long-term and immediate goal of human education at each grade in terms of educational goals, national goals, current issues and social cultural values.

2) Identification of ideas

After determining the objectives the next step is to develop the conceptual structure of human education required to achieve its objectives. The concepts are organized according to the order of difficulty in each level.

3) Identification of plug-plugs in appropriate subjects at the level

Existing textbooks and various textbooks at each level or review to find out points to which concepts of pedagogy can be linked.

4) Development of the scope and sequence of concepts of human education

The concepts of human learning are logically sequenced and intelligent in themes.
This can be done in the rating chart. The recommended range and sequence is another where the runner calls the curriculum a whirlwind. He writes, that if a person respects the ways of thinking of a growing child he or she may have been quiet or at a young age in ideas and styles in live conversations that make a man educated. It is called a whirlwind because the reader returns to normal ideas and concepts, but is presented with different examples, even at a higher level.

5) Development of educational materials

Teacher teaching materials and student learning materials are made using a variety of methods. The process of developing curriculum activities for teachers and students is particularly challenging when considering critical topics. The visual method will not work. Human data and data are only useful in the acquisition of the mind, clarifying human values ​​and the arrival of 12 analyzes that are later the basis for making decisions about human problems. Problem solving, pricing, role play, games, motivation, etc. Then there are practical steps to deal with human problems and problems.

6) Integration of human education

In some cases the curriculum and human resources can be integrated into an existing curriculum and textbook as part of an outreach improvement program. Normally one has to wait until the syllabus and textbook for motherhood and review has arrived. In such cases the supplementary material should give students and teachers inclusion in the relevant subjects.

7) Curriculum and building assessments

Public education materials integrated into the various learning areas should be evaluated to determine whether the results you are looking for in terms of cognitive and behavioral outcomes have not been achieved. In light of the assessment the city’s development is done in the curriculum and in human resources.

8) The inclusion of public education in the legal system in Pakistan

Initially, human education was taken over by the Association of Pakistan for family planning and has now been taken over by the people as a division. Recently, a human resource unit was established within the academic and textbook office or the provincial Department of Education, but the social sector is still funding this purpose. The Federal Department of Education in partnership with Eunice School, Bangkok and the educational institution has developed a basic textbook for educating the number of education administrators, policy makers, Curriculum planners, teachers and textbooks etc. became the first to link national education policies with population in Pakistan.


Curriculum development in public education in Pakistan

People’s education about curriculum development in Pakistan without the following ideas:
Basic human thinking considers Birth and Migration etc.
Human resource relationships, the use of resources that require new resources.
But the practical changes in human size, composition, mobility and involvement in the development process and other standard of living at small and large levels.
AIOU Established a literacy course in 1980. The study was supported by radio and television programs. Through an ongoing population education project approximately 20 000 teachers are excluded from AIOU respondent courses.

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