Easy and delicious Oreo pudding
Easy and delicious Oreo pudding

Easy and delicious Oreo pudding

Easy and short recipe of Oreo pudding


Whole milk cream     1 pack (250ml)

Icing sugar                   4tbsp

Oreo cookies               2 packs (half role)

Vanilla essence            2 or 3 drops

Melted butter               1tbsp

Condensed milk            4tbsp


How to make Oreo pudding

First of all separate all Oreo cream from Oreo cookies and crush the cookies well that it will seem like powder.

Take a bowl put all crushed cookies powder in it, mix melted butter and vanilla essence.

Spread this mixture into a bowl and refrigerate for one hour.

Take a bowl put cream in it add icing sugar and whisk it well for maximum 10 minutes until it becomes fluffy.

Then add condensed milk and mix it well.

Add some break cookies into the mixture.

Now its time the layering of Oreo pudding.

Take a bowl of crushed cookies, add whisked cream and spread it well in the bowl.

In the last sprinkle crushed Oreo over it and freeze it for 2 or 3 hours.

The amazing and delicious Oreo pudding is ready for serving.






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