Interesting Cultural Traditions Across The World
Interesting Cultural Traditions Across The World

Interesting Cultural Traditions Across The World

Culture and Tradition

What is a Culture? Culture is the integration of a particular community or the ideas of people, beliefs, cultures, art and social behavior. It is the essence of that society – something deeply rooted and different from that of the people.

What is a tradition? Tradition is also very entrenched. It is about a particular activity, event, or character that has been repeated over and over again from generation to generation.

Interestingly, culture differs from one culture to another. The difference between culture and tradition is that the first refers to shared behavior that did not happen long enough to become a culture (although it would be one thing if a sufficient number of people repeated it long enough).

Our diverse cultures are an integral part of our diverse cultures. These unique cultural practices often help to define our sense of identity and where we are. This is true whether we use the culture in question or not – it is still part of our cultural heritage and engaging in it (or not) means something about who we are and who we wish to be.

Different Cultural Traditions

Cultures and customs are inextricably linked. Both have evolved over countless generations. Cultures tend to differ from one community to another and are often born with local beliefs and circumstances. This may relate to various areas of daily life. Here are some interesting cultural practices across the world:

Wedding Cake, UK

Few areas of daily life have produced as much culture as the food we eat. From the tools we eat and the way we live, to the food we encounter and the seasons, food-based traditions are an integral part of almost every culture.

In the UK, for example, it is customary for a couple to put on a wedding cake and eat it the following year, on their first wedding day. Doing so should bring good luck to the couple. The cake is not spoiled, as the traditional wedding cake is made with an alcoholic fruit cake filled with marzipan and royal icing.

Eating Jesus, Italy

Some cultures are more than one country. Religious traditions are a good example of this (however, there are many different religious traditions in the same community or people).

From marches to festivals on a particular day, religious traditions around the world are of immense value to humankind. They create a sense of connection (spiritual and other) and help people express themselves and their beliefs.

Many religious traditions are also connected with food. At Holy Communion, for example, Catholics eat a piece of unleavened bread. They believe that they ate the body of Jesus Christ, because of a mysterious process known as transubstantiation.

Red Brides, India

Many cultures around the world have traditions related to dress. The color of the bride’s wedding garments is often customary and is thought to bring good luck. In China, couples wear red; in the US, they usually wear white.

Hindu brides will also be available in red, in the form of a wedding gown or lehenga (this varies according to the Indian region in which the bride resides).

Red Envelopes, China

Many cultures have traditions related to holiday seasons. Have you ever tapped a stocking on a piece of fabric on Christmas Eve? Or leave a mince pie and a tipple to get out of Father Christmas? And Rudolph’s carrot, of course!

Holiday traditions are often associated with eating and drinking but certainly not always. In China, for example, one New Year’s tradition is the distribution of red envelopes containing money. Parents and grandparents often give this to their children as part of the festivities.

The Royal Cult, Vanuatu

Many of the cultural traditions have evolved over the years as a result of the people to the observance of the action and/or the life of a specific group of people. For example, have you ever heard of the Prince Philip Movement? It is a religious sect, which is based on the southern island of Tanna in Vanuatu. The community of Jaonnanen Customized to believe that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II) as a divine being. Every year, on his birthday, is a traditional holiday fare with a ritual dance that is organized.

Holocaust Memorial Day in Europe

Along with the traditions of their lives (past and present).) for some people, a lot of countries to adhere to traditions in honour of the deceased to be on a large scale. For example, in the united kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, at 11 o’clock on the 11th of November, is a two-minute silence. It marks the point at which the hostilities of the First world War ended in 1918. The people who look and think about the sacrifices that were made to the free, the freedom from oppression.

Flamenco Dance, Spain

Music and dance are an important part of the culture of the people all over the world. Who could imagine, Mexico, and without an image, of a Mariachi band, or in Spain, without the flashy dressed in flamenco dancers?

Traditional music and dance, to be materially different from culture to culture, in terms of both the instruments used and the style of the dance. However, they tend to have in common is the power over their cultural differences. If you have ever cried at the opera house, even if you don’t speak Italian? A traditional, heart-warming, music-it has its own power.

Mon, Mexico

Every culture has its own traditional foods. In the back of a Mexican tradition, and how long will it take before you can be placed on a sombrero? Or a pinata? Exactly.

Sending A Package,  United Kingdom

A lot of families to have their own birthday traditions that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Societies have a strong tradition of celebrating birthdays. Do you have a Pass-the-Parcel at your birthday party as a kid? Or, make a wish after blowing out the candles on your cake? If you grew up in the United States and the United Kingdom (and in many other countries as well), then it is most likely that’s exactly what happened!

Cheese Rolling, United Kingdom

While some traditions are set in stone, others will grow and evolve over the years. In a rather strange tradition from the united kingdom, perfectly illustrates this. Each year, crowds gather at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, chasing cheese down a hill. Competitors in the race to catch a seventy-pound serving of Double Gloucester Cheese, it reaches speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, while rolling down Cooper’s Hill. And the winners are, therefore, awarded the cheese as a reward.

Although the origin of this event has been lost to history, we know that it is celebrated locally for more than 200 years ago. However, in the past few years, the event began to grow and attract an international audience, with the winners coming from countries such as Nepal, New Zealand, and the United States of america.

The Internet has played a significant role in the spread of the awareness of such events. It also creates a few new habits that will one day become a tradition.

Fireworks In Australia

As well as the traditions themselves, grow, and others are likely to weaken gradually with age. In Australia, for example, there was a beautiful fireworks display in the Anniversary of the Queen and the Kingdom’s Day. However, since the sale of fireworks is prohibited in many countries during the 1980’s, this tradition has faded over the years.

La Tomatina, Spain

Once a year, in the Valencian town of Buñol, Spanish is to throw tomatoes at each other. The world’s largest tomato fight, La Tomatina, is now in the collection of players from all over the world.

Battaglia delle Arance, Italy

If you don’t like the throwing of tomatoes, which is an orange? At the Ivrea Carnival, every year, the residents of the Italian town of Ivrea is to throw oranges at each other. The tradition commemorates the battle of the city, the people and the elected king, with oranges being thrown in as part of the struggle for freedom.

Pie in the face, Mexico

If you would like to be stylish sucking on a birthday cake, it would be best not to have your birthday party in Mexico. They sang “happy birthday”, and its guests, take a look at the birthday boy, or my birthday-blow out the candles. Then, they bend over, and a quick and easy, and at that moment, someone in the bumps on their face.

The baking of money, Bolivia

Speaking of food, did you Know that it is in Bolivia and it is the custom to bake the money, pastries, and tarts at the New Year’s Eve? It is a tradition that will implies, that in bakeries all across the country. Those of you who put a coin in the cake, it can rely on the very best of luck in the new year.

Shoe candy, Spain

In other food-related tradition, this time in Spain, the children leave their shoes to fill it up with candy, on the evening of the 5th of January. It is the night for the Dia de Reyes, which is to honor the memory of the Three kings and their gifts to the baby Jesus.

The weight of the officers, and United Kingdom

On a lighter note, in the town of High Wycombe in the united kingdom, it has a strange tradition from the weight of the mayor, at the beginning and at the end of his term in office. The local history and shows that the tradition began in such a way that the mayor should not have to live off the fat of the land.

The throw of the teeth, Greece

You leave your tooth under your pillow before you press the power button to put them in exchange for the money, right? It had a different approach. Children throw their baby teeth to the roof top where they belong. In the tradition, it should bring happiness to the child, the family, and have the appearance of a healthy adult teeth.

The bearing of a woman in Finland

The throw of the teeth (Finland), and since the 19th century, it has been traditional in order to take part in the- sports to carry the women. My Wife is in the World Cup. The prize for the winner is the weight of a woman in the beer.

Bear Straw Festival, United Kingdom

In Whittlesey, United kingdom, and the inhabitants gather here every year in January and the Bear Straw Festival), a tradition that dates back more than two centuries. The “performer” the city is in a bear costume and made up of five tiles are made of metal straw. A team of dancers from the Appalachian mountains, and the Least, and is accompanied by a grizzly bear on his travels.

Services and cultural traditions

One of these traditions are the examples of the different cultures all over the world. These are cultural practices that seem strange to those of you who are not familiar with their meaning and origin. However, in each tradition, it is part of a unique culture has developed over the course of many generations.

This is the reason why the place is important in translation, since every culture is different, and only those who understand the original and is logically cannot guarantee that the documents, they are perfect for those of you who have read it.

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