Mix Vegetable soup
Mix Vegetable soup

Mix Vegetable soup

Mix vegetable soup 


Carrot       =    2 medium size (chopped)

Capsicum =   2 medium size (chopped)

Potato      =   2 medium size (chopped)

Cucumber = 2 medium size (chopped)

Peas          =   1 cup

Corns         =    half cup

Hari pyaaz =   half cup   (chopped)

Egg           =    3

Soy sauce = as required

Chili sauce = as required

Vinegar     = as required

Salt           = as per taste

Black pepper =  1tsp

Chicken soup stock   = 2 cubes

Corn flour   = half cup

Green chili = 3 (chopped)


How to make mix vegetable soup

First of all take a big pot, put all chopped vegetables in it add a lot of water and salt to taste. Turn on high flame for boiling.

When it starts boiling add chicken cubes and black pepper and let it boil until vegetables become cooked.

In a bowl take some water add corn flour and mix it well.

When the vegetables fully cooked add hari pyaz in it and then add corn flour so that it becomes thick and let it boil for 5 to 7 minutes.

In another bowl take 3 eggs. Separate egg yolks and let it side for another use. Beat well egg white and add gradually into the soup. Boil it for further 5 minutes.

Then add 3 table spoons of soy sauce, chili sauce and vinegar.

Taste the salt and pepper then add to taste if needed.

The delicious and healthy vegetable soup is ready.



Serving suggestion

You can serve the soup with dry fruits and sauces.











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