My visit to Northern Area
My visit to Northern Area

My visit to Northern Area

My visit to Northern Areas Pakistan

The Northern Territories (NAs) of Pakistan, home to one million people, and where political, democratic, constitutional, and administrative institutions are still growing, also have of mental ignorance. A closer look at the available literature will reveal that the lessons available to the NAs provide valuable information about history, social conditions, battles between local Rajas and heroic legends, and long mountainous edges and glaciers. Likewise, there is ample information about the 1947 liberation movement. Then there are travel documents for NA, which contain a wide range of details. However, there is a general disregard for the political, economic and social conditions prevalent in NAs since the last 50 years.

Suddenly we made a plan to visit the Naran Kaghan Valley. Kaghan Valley is in northeast of Mansehra district in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. It attracts many visitors from all over the world. The region is alpine in geographical and climatic, with forests and suburbs controlling the surface of the peaks reaching more than 17,000 meters.

Kaghan is a treasure trove of beautiful valleys in the Mansehra region of Hazara. This 100-mile-long [160 km] valley is a popular summer vacation spot for both Pakistan and immigrants.

The valley is dotted with pine forests, high plateaus, shiny lakes, and cool mountain streams. The Kunhar River, a major tributary of the valley, is famous for its trout. Along the coast are the cities of Balakot, Paras, Mahandari, Kaghan, and Naran.

The local people are friendly and easygoing. A holiday in the Kaghan Valley is an unforgettable experience. We took tea at a spot with the flowing river. There was a beautiful resort where people were hanging out and spending time with each other. We had some tea there. And there was a man selling beautiful traditional shawls which were beautifully displayed on the road.

Our destination was Naran valley. So on the way to Naran theres comes the Shogran. At Shogran we stopped by a lake. The lake was very clear and the sound of water was just mesmerizing us.

There we had sizzling pakoras. We were sitting on charpai with our feet in cold water. It was so fun.

Then we moved towards Naran. The route and scenes started mesmerizing us. River Kunhar followed us the whole way. At this time sun started to set. It was so soulful.

At 11 pm we entered into our hotel. We slept well and early in the morning we woke up by the beautiful chirps of birds and sounds of water. Right after the hotel there was River Kunhar dancing. We went for morning walk and spent morning hours at river side.

After that we started packing and had a plan to visit Babusar Top and Lulusar lake. We left the hotel at 10 am and headed towards Lulusar lake. The roads towards Lulusar had something exceptional. I saw the most charmingly amazing scenes on the way. There were huge green mountains with a lot of waterfalls. Weather was clean and cloudy at the same time. Clouds were making interesting designs with them. Cool breeze freshen up our minds and souls. We really enjoyed the travel. Here are some of the views.

Horses on the mountains looked like tiny ants from the roads. These green miuntains were so wholesome.

Lulusar Lake:

Now after a safe travel we reached at Lulusar lake. Lulusar lake I at 11,150 ft. This is basically headwaters of Kunhar River. It flows throughout the Kaghan Valley passing Jalkhand Kaghan Naran Paras and Balakot untill it confluence with Jehlum River. It is 50 km away from Naran and is accessible by every vehicle. Here is the lulusar lake:

We saw a beautiful sunset at the lake. We spent memorable time there.

Now we moved towards Babusar Top. Babusar top is the mountain pass in Pakistan at the north of Kaghan Valley. It is the highest point in Babusar valley which can be easily accessible by cars. This pass connects the KPK with Gilgit Baltistan. Babusar Top was known as Babusar pass, because in the early 16 century a Mughal emperor Babur used to pass through this area. It was a beautiful place. The route was so soulful. Mountains had something beyond explanation.

After Babusar Top on our way back to Naran, we stopped by a very lavish Moon Restaurant. We ate Chappal Kabab and had a fantastic tea. That hotel had a beautiful view.

After that we came back to hotel at about 11pm. We slept with a lot of memories that night. Those views, scenes and the cool wind was roaming in our minds. We were full to our souls.

Next morning we again went out for morning walk at river side. There I met some beautiful girls of Naran. I talked to them. We laughed at little things. They told me about their culture and life style. She told me that they use Pines to set fire. Then I took their consent to take their pictures. They allowed me to take their pictures but asked me to not upload it on internet. Otherwise I definitely show you guys.

There came a cutest boy Hamza who was selling eggs. He allowed me to take his picture.

I felt sorry for the child working there. They should have bags in their hands rather than these baskets and eggs. After morning walk we went to Punjab Tikka House (a beautiful restaurant in Naran) for breakfast. We had Lahori Anda Channa there. Taste was just good. The view of that restaurant was so breathtaking.

There I saw a goat trying to climb at tree. There goats are mixed like our areas and different from our side as well. They have thick and long hair to protect them from cold weather. There horses are short heighted as compared to our areas. Because they climb on the mountains. So they have shorter legs.

After having breakfast we went to our last point in Naran. It was out third and last day at Naran. There is a rafting point at a side of river Kunhar. The view was giving goosebumps. There was a brown mountain and a green and a glacier at the back as well. Water was flowing in a fast speed. The wind at that point was something more cold and clear. We did rafting. It was a best experience. They had very trained and professional trainers who guided us very well. Also they were very kind. We enjoyed a lot but suddenly when we were at the bank of river just to finish our rafting ride, a heavy rain started. We were already wet so we ran into our cars. At the mean time it began to hail. We enjoyed 5 weathers at the same time within half an hour. It was worth doing experience.

There I saw a man selling honey. There I saw four to five colored honey. The gold honey, the orange honey, the red honey, the rusty and the whisky colored as well.

Now it was the time to start our journey to back. We were so overwhelmed by the experience we had there and we were sad as well. It seemed that those mountains are also saying that they will miss us as we do. In the rain we were coming back there we stopped to buy corns by a cute boy.

We also s aw land sliding from mountains due to heavy rain. It was terrible thing to watch. That’s why it is said not to visit any mountainous area in rainy season. We should stay safe first.

On the way back to Islamabad we stopped by a hotel in Mansehra to had some food. There we ate some spicy food which we had been craving for three days already. There I had a new thing they called ‘Kulcha’ something like a big roti to us. We ate to our full and came along our roads to come home.

Around 6 am we reached at home. So it was my journey which I shared with my people. In the end lets make a pray for our country. May our beautiful Pakistan rise more and more. May God safe our motherland from any evil. Amen.


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