Positive effects of Covid-19
Positive effects of Covid-19

Positive effects of Covid-19

 Positive effects of Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide and presents an unmatched challenge to public health, food systems and the world of work. The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic is devastating. Tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty. But it has both positive and negative effects over the people. When looking for positive impacts the immediate question that may arise in mind is, what will be the positive impacts in a global pandemic situation? Sociologically, a theoretical perspective and a method called functionalism or functional perspective is utilized in analyzing the impact of social action. So COVID-19 is a social action, and it can also be considered a great social problem on the basis of Richard Puller’s definition. Generally, COVID-19 is a disease spreading through close human contacts in day-to-day social relationships. It is a virus and many sections consider this to be a man-made virus or biological weapon. There is no conclusive evidence on who made it or for what purpose. Elderly people are affected majorly and a considerable number of people are dying. Death rates varies from country to country. It affected daily life in many ways and it is important to consider positive impacts of  Covid-19 as well. They can be discussed as:

  1. People has begun to understand that what actually ideal social behavior is, as they are adapting this pandemic situation.
  2. People understand social distancing and its rules even from the family members, although it is quite painful.
  3. People adapt themselves according to situation by differentiating the normal and pandemic situation.
  4. People has come to some common conclusions by bearing psycho-social factors after suffering from dismiss or illness of their loved ones.
  5. The regional and governmental organizations have reunited to face the pandemic situation globally. For example, the SAARC countries have reunited and set up financials allocations to help the poor nations.
  6. The cracks in the medical systems of the countries will improve. Especially the South and East Asians countries will focus on their medical systems how it should be integrated with biomedical system which shows poorer results.
  7. There will be more innovations in the medical, environmental and industrial and socio-cultural aspects.
  8. People are promoting their local small businesses to maintain local traditional lifestyles rather than adopting to modernity.
  9. There is increased domestic production, thus increasing local trade.
  10. People are making small scale handicrafts at cottage level and promoting low cost production.
  11. There is lesser demand of hotels and restaurants so people are attracted to traditional home made foods.
  12. Defense expenditures at national and global level are minimized, Thus there is reduced demand of tools, at least on a temporary basis.
  13. Research and developmental activities has been expanded.
  14. People getting used to follow optimum resources, low economical resources.
  15. Green-house effect has also temporarily reduced somehow due to minimum use of vehicles and industries world-wide.
  16. Environmental pollution has also reduced due to reduction in plastic and polythene usage at domestic level.
  17. Air, water and sound pollution has also reduced to some extent.
  18. If the government is successfully managing the Covid-19 situation, then its stable political order is increased in the society.
  19. Crime rate has also reduced.
  20. To reduce stress levels of people more internet has been used to promote entertainment, knowledge and ideas.
  21. The return migrants who have strong resources can now invest their own countries. And those who have poor financial resources may seek jobs in plantation sectors.
  22. There will be more research in a country to improve management interventions for the patients and for discovering the vaccine.

Therefore, positive impacts are relatively high and some impacts are short term and most others are long term. There are also negative impacts as well. But here we discussed positive effects only to see the positive side of this pandemic.

Now since the Covid vaccine has been launched in the market. It is our responsibility to get vaccinated and protect ourselves and our society as well. Vaccines work by training and repairing the body’s natural defenses – the immune system – to detect and fight germs and viruses. If the body is exposed to these pathogens over time, it will be ready to eliminate them immediately – preventing disease.

When a person is vaccinated, their risk of infection also decreases – so they are less likely to transmit the virus or viruses to others. As more people in the community are vaccinated, fewer people are at risk, and it is less likely that an infected person will transmit the virus to another person. Reducing the risk of the spread of the pathogen in the community protects those who are unable to vaccinate (due to health conditions, such as allergies, or their age) from the vaccine-specific disease.



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