Tasty Chinese Kabab
Tasty Chinese Kabab

Tasty Chinese Kabab


Tasty Chinese kabab


Chicken (boneless) =   250 gram

Potato (boiled) =   5 or 6   medium size

Green chilies     =   6 (chopped)

Black pepper     =   1tsp

Salt                      =   1tsp or as per needed

Red chili flakes  =   1tsp

Cream                 =    3tbsp

Mint leaves        =     half cup (chopped)

Soy sauce           =      2tbsp

Chili sauce          =      2tbsp


How to make easy and delicious kabab

First of all boil the chicken and make small pieces in fibers.

Mash the potatoes well.

Add chicken fibers into potatoes and mix it well.

Add salt, black pepper, red chili flakes and mix it well again.

Then add cream, mint leaves, soy sauce and chili sauce and mix it.

Check the spices add more if anything needed.

Make medium size kabab. You can refrigerate them for more than one month.


Things for fry

Eggs       = 2

Bread crumbs  =   half cup

Oil for fry

Take a nonstick pan add some oil and heat up on medium flame.

Dip kabab in beaten eggs then coated with bread crumbs and fry it on medium flame.

Take out kabab when it turns out in golden color.

Easy and delicious Chinese kabab are ready for serving.


Serving suggestion;

you can serve kabab with garlic tomato ketchup and green chatni.





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