Teaching Practice
Teaching Practice

Teaching Practice



School observation, teaching practice and teaching activities are main components of teacher training programme. Teaching practice requires a cooperative effort and stab between the teacher, the taught and the school where perspective teacher will do their teaching.

Teaching practice is the most remarkable aspects of teacher education because, it gives many opportunities for perspective teachers to evolve and to translate theory and example into practicing construction for school practice teaching. School practice teaching is a obligatory module of B.Ed. and M.A Education programme. That is why perspective teacher will go for teaching practice in public school. Before starting teaching practice in school one should visit to the school for a complete day.

The Main purposes of teaching practice

  • Collaborate with School children;
  • Apply the knowledge and skills they have gained through their professional period.
  • Realize the differences and contrasts in interest and ability that can show among students in classroom.
  • Develop their relation and understanding and improve their abilities in teaching through their related experiences.
  • Start to understand the roles of a teacher in classroom, school and its society.
  • Improve and better their potential and skills as teacher.
  • Examine their work and progress and point out the mistakes and try to make them correct and more proficient.
  • Highlight the cultural aspect of the school, the expectations of parents and society.

Particular Aims of Teaching practice

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of their teaching with a view for improvement.
  • Try to motivate people at daily basis.
  • Understand and realize their needs and interest.
  • Ask questions from students which are essential for their class thinking and interest.
  • To apply all basic planning and teaching skills known in their studies.
  • Build a connection clearly with pupils.
  • Understand to organize a class and group with effective learning skills and without any disturbance
  • Teach, plan and examine lessons for class 1-10;
  • Try to use different and effective teaching techniques and strategies that should play an important role to encourage pupils so that they can discover facts and concepts for themselves.

All perspective teachers when they are under the process of teaching practice are expected to examine and be attentive in teaching activities. Therefor teaching practice is such a amazing and effective activity where the school team, staff, perspective teachers and supervisory staff are required to work collectively so that they can get and achieve their aims to prepare teachers. There are a lot of tasks and responsibilities a supervisor have to perform given below:

  • Plan and set a time for teaching practice period.
  • Satisfy and pleased the Headmistress/ Headmaster of the schools where teacher training programs are to be held.
  • Brief the teachers and students instantly before the training program interrupt.
  • Collaborate and work collectively with the whole team, staff, and members.
  • Help and cooperate with the Headmaster/Headmistress to arrange the teacher training programs.
  • The supervisor should be kind and soft with the whole team.
  • Examine and observe the perspective teacher’s presentations

The Role of Perspective Teacher

The main functions of perspective teacher are;

  • Plan, examine and present assign lesson.
  • Prepare lesson plan for all lessons.
  • Develop a caring and understanding relationship with students in their classroom for better results.
  • Cooperate with head supervisor in his or her work in the classrooms.
  • Keenly observe the supervisory teachers throughout their work.
  • Use the helping aids, notes and helping material in teaching the students for their better teaching practice.
  • A perspective teacher should be involved in extracurricular activities and different programs are held in the school like activities, playground programs, sports and games etc.
  • No perspective teacher will be permitted to enter in the classroom without a written lesson plan.
  • Lesson plans and presentations should be according to the required criteria.
  • Put effective and great effort to develop a smooth relationship with pupils in the learning process.
  • After completing and fulfill all requirements the report will be submitted to the supervisor.

Teaching practice supervision 

The perspective teacher is set to the school where teacher training program is to take place. The supervision process have three stages as lessons are;


In all stages the perspective teacher is fully involved plus self-evaluation of every perspective teacher’s lessons.

In short teaching practice or teacher training program is very effective in so many ways where a whole team including teachers staff supervisory team work like a family in a healthy environment which helps to better and improve their skills and learning process during their all working period. Therefor all of their actions and attempts should be more helpful and observed carefully and give a systematic feedback about their own efforts.


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